Ignore FUD, Let’s keep building!

3 min readAug 7, 2023

The past two days have seen people getting concerned due to the spreading of FUD. We want to take a second to respond in the open, with absolute sincerity and clarity:

  1. Huobi has been slowly but surely moving forward since the withdrawal of Mainland Chinese users in late 2021. Though there’s always room to improve, we’ve done visibly a lot on multiple operational fronts to date, aspiring to return to the Top 3. We’re trying hard everyday to make trading crypto a better experience for everyone, and we are glad that you, our users, believe in us, and are with us this whole time, feeding us patience and support.
Thanks Boxmining for your support

2. Every year, the social media sitcom either declared #Huobi “dead” or Huobi personnel “caught”, this year is no different. While it saddens our heart to see part of our industry warm-bedding such bias, gloat, and sometimes hatred, we believe in the greater light and thus must stand firmer and more fiercely confront and defend ourselves and our industry against all the senseless accusations and defamations. We understand the road ahead is winding, but we are more determined than ever, because the industry need people like us, people who believe in their mission in the blockchain space and stick to BUIDLing it no matter what. Say no to FUD, help each other, and always use our own judgement. Sometimes, some men just want to watch the world burn. To those folks, we say, we are different.

3. The Huobi platform is operating as usual, as it should, and as it will. The platform is currently seeing active participation in its 7th round of Primevote, i.e., a vote-to-list campaign for our community. We promised to let the voice of our community be heard, and users like you have a fair say in all this. We don’t get bogged down by one or two naysayers in yesterday’s memory, we are focused on NOW, focused on making trading digital assets a fun and involving experience for you, people who graciously place their trust in us.

4. Huobi is about to celebrate its 10th birthday, a celebration that will be shared by millions who look at it as their first-love in the space. We are proud to have served millions of community members over the past ten years, and we are even more so to be at the forefront supporting Web3 and the next stage of growth in internet technology. On September 13th, we will share our birthday celebration with thousands of you in Singapore. Hope to see you there and say happy birthday together with Huobi!

Alright, fam, let’s keep working hard & we’ll see you back on Top 3 soon.

If you ever have any questions or concerns , our community socials lines are always open to engage our team. Feel free to join them and ask questions. Huobi main official communities are listed below:

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Thank you again for your support since 2013.